Neil Kimmett

Endings and Beginnings

06 May 2016

Since last May I’ve worked for Move Loot an awesome furniture marketplace startup based out in San Francisco. Its an excellent product and I got the opportunity to work with some great people. I worked remotely which allowed me to travel around the world a lot, its been incredible. If you ever get the chance to work remote and travel I’d really recommend giving it a go. Its not for everyone, its certainly tough at times, but its ultimately really rewarding.

After taking a bit of time off I’m outrageously excited to say that I’m starting work with Harry’s on Monday. Harry’s are an awesome company, they make incredible razors (and other mens’ grooming products) at great prices without all the macho silliness of other brands. After purchasing the German factory that makes their blades last year they are fully vertically integrated and are creating a modern brand for modern consumers. Everyone I’ve met on the team has blown me away; they’re an extraordinarily talented bunch. Can’t wait to get to work next week, and (hopefully, if I can get a visa) move to New York!